“The Difference ‘Born Again’ Makes”

1Peter 1:13-2:3  November 6, 2005  Play video

What’s the Diff?

•     “Christ-ians” supposed to have different identity
•     Barna polls: no different than rest of population

Grace Given: Past, Present, & Future

•     past: received mercy, new birth, redeemed from empty way of life (1:3,18,23)
•     purified, served by prophets / preachers, received faith (5,7,12,21)
•     present: shielded, salvation, love Jesus, great joy (5f,8f)
•     future: hope, honour, reward, grace when Jesus revealed (3f,7,13,17; Rom 2:7)
•     grace absorbs the cost: Jesus precious Lamb that pays the price (19f)
•     finest paper transformed from dirty rags

New Attitude, New Actions

•     Christians not different because only 9% have Biblical worldview
•     gird up / ready minds for action (13)
•     self-controlled, obedient, not conform to evil desires (14)
•     rid of malice, deceit, hypocrisy, envy, slander: like Jesus’ loving manner (2:1)
•     positive replacements: holy / apartness / separated from uncleanness (15f)
•     reverent fear; love one another deeply from heart; feed on God’s truth (17,22f,25, 2:2)
•     knowing the author makes a difference in reading book

From Cop-Killer to Child-Shelterer

•     evangelist’s message changes murderous Peruvian woman to caregiver

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